Fire Dance Circle Shawl Pattern

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We can offer this pattern as either a downloadable PDF version or as a hard copy printed out and mailed to you -- your choice.  


We are delighted to be able to offer the pattern created by Verna Knapp (known to some of you on Ravelry as SharraofSunhaven) called Fire Dance.

This is a brilliant (in all senses of the word) circular shawl pattern, with lots of beaded embellishment, that will drop jaws wherever it is seen.

Bear in mind this is not recommended for beginning knitters -- it requires experience in lace work and in beaded knitting as well.

Here is how Verna writes of it:

Bonfire, campfire, heart’s delight.

Dancing fires, swirling sparks, midsummer’s night.

Fires dance, sparks swirl, warm midsummer’s night.

Glad the hearts, wild the drums, dancers leap like sparks in flight.

Blazing hearth fire, glowing candles, eyes so bright.

Leaping flames, glowing embers, midwinter’s night.

Warm the hearts, soft the words, gathered friends share laughing light.


The shawl was written to take advantage of the beauties of gradiently dyed yarns, specifically the Gradiance sets dyed by The Unique Sheep. The large size requires 1813 yards of lace weight yarn (1658 meters) or 2109 yards (1928 meters) in fingering weight (finished dimensions of 55" in diameter when done in lace weight and 73" diameter if knit in fingering weight). Either requires about 5634 beads, 8/0s suggested for lace weight yarn and 6/0s for fingering.

If you prefer a smaller circle, that can be made with finished dimensions of about 45" diameter (lace) and 60" in lace weight with 1238 yards (1132 meters) lace weight and 1439 yards (1316 meters) in fingering weight. For this size figure on 3882 beads.


On this page we offer the printed hard copy of the pattern, now with 43 pages. If you would prefer a PDF file, Verna is offering that via her Ravelry page.

Quite an amazing knitting excursion.