Firelight/ Shawl Pattern by Mary White

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This one truly took my breath away!

Firelight is an amazingly stunning lace shawl, designed by Mary White that is so very lovely. I'll quote Mary here:

"Firelight is a triangular shaped shawl knitted completely in the round. It begins with circular shaping and progresses to a triangle visible upon blocking. Flame stitch patterns increase and decrease in a major lesson on stitch manipulation in this design. Scattered eyelets throughout make the project a lace extravaganza. Never boring, this pattern promises to hold your interest and produce a shawl suitable for any occasion.

"The pattern consists of both fully written and fully charted directions with a total of 7 charts and 148 rounds. The pattern is not intended to be size adjustable as all rounds are specifically balanced. However, the use of smaller needles and thinner yarn or larger needles and thicker yarn will produce a project that varies in size.

"Two edging options are given for either a pointed or scalloped finish. A good working knowledge of lace increases and decreases is recommended but first and foremost, the ability to concentrate is required. This pattern is to be considered by all levels of knitters, from the curiously interested beginner to the most experienced."

I am in awe!

Mary recommends about 1200 to 1300 yards of lace or fingering weight yarn, in wool, silk or blends. I strongly suggest a solid colorway or an almost-solid as there is so much beauty going on with the stitch work that too many colors could be distracting.

I love it.