Flex-Wire 7 Strand

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Flexrite is a professional quality beading wire.

This wire is actually made up of 7 very thin thin thin strands of steel all together into one wire. Flexrite uses state of the art micro wire technology to produce a wire that is strong, soft, and flexible. The difference is amazing -- it is actually closer to knitting with fiber than with wire. This one is not quite as much of a joy to work with as the 49 strand version but it is still supple and very knit-able. And less expensive.

It does not give the sheen of the Artistic Wire -- more of a matte finish.

We have just a few interesting colors in stock, though we do have access to a lovely range of hues -- which we can bring in if interest is shown.

The diameter of the bronze wire that we currently carry here is 0.18". The pink is a thinner 0.14".

The length in each spool is 30 feet.

The photo below shows a bracelet we made using purple wire and amethyst pieces -- sold out unfortunately, but this will give an idea of the final look.

Quite a nice way to play -- and make up quite interesting wire pieces.


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