Four Toy Patterns Made With Nichole/ Schaefer

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The whimsicality of knitting toys has really been appealing to me recently. When I saw that Schaefer had a number of sweet little toys made with Nichole, we just decided we had to get these to offer.

Make your choice from the drop-down menu, to get one or two or three or all four of these patterns.

Each of these uses only one skein of Nichole and a few other bits and pieces -- stuffing, perhaps some embroidery floss for eyes and noses and mouths.

Each of these has such a marvelous personality -- such fun to create!

Take a look at the photos below to get an idea of what your little creature would look like.

• Bunny Love

• Kitty Kat

• Curly the Pig

• Toby the Turtle

This web page offers any one of these patterns. Fun!