Friendship Shawl/ Pattern by Fiber Dreams/ Bead Gift

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A lovely shawl designed by Laura Patterson of Fiber Dreams. Here is what she says about it:

I designed this for my dear friend Karen. The diamonds at the top are because her friendship is more valuable to me than gemstones, the hearts are for love, and the semi-circles in the border are the hugs that I give her long distance because she lives 400 miles away.

This shawl pattern is written up in two sizes. If you want a different size finished garment, you can change it by simply changing needle sizes or knitting the motifs a different number of times than I have indicated. The beads are optional.

All that is needed is lace weight yarn -- 800 yards for the finished size of 76" x 36" (193 x 91cm) and 1300 yards for the larger size of 106" x 55' (269 x 140cm).

And anyone who purchases enough yarn to make this stunning piece at the same time as getting the pattern from us will also get a bead gift --- the shawl takes size 8/0 beads, either 11 grams or 18 grams depending on size. We will include a bit more than that in a colorway that will look great with the yarn that you choose.

Most excellent indeed!