From Schoppel: Zauber Perlen: 2 Colorways

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These are intriguing sets of yarns from Schoppel called Zauber Perlen

Made up of 100% Virgin Merino Wool, the yarn set gives you 440 yards (400m) per 100g ring. 

Each ring is composed of 7 mini-ball collection which isolates each color within a gradient so it can be used however, and whenever, you’d like (there are about 63 yards (57m) per mini-ball) . 


#2413: This ring is called Samsara and is a play that moves from white through to the rich turquoise of the Caribbean Sea. (The color change is achieved by slowly adding more plies of white to the blue.)

#2414: goes from bright fuchsia gradually into a Capri blue.  


There are lots of patterns that would look marvelous in these yarns. 

Two ideas:

I love how the gradually changing colors enhance Stephen West's Batad. Take a look at these versions on Ravelry that use this yarn set, though in other colorways. We also have put together some kits for this pattern, including a solid-color yarn as for the contrasting lines. 

And Kieran Foley has a lovely design, Tropical Waves, that also makes use of these yarns. Yum!