Fuchsia Lined Smoky Amethyst AB/ Long Magatamas 4x7 mm

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A new size and shape to our favorite type of beads!

First of all I want to apologize for any confusion with the names of these. Taken from a Japanese word that means something like "seed shaped like a mango", when we first saw these and fell in love, the spelling was mEgatamas. Since then it seems the standard spelling in English has veered strongly to mAgatama. And that is how most people now look for them. We are going to be gradually switching over and using both spellings for a while.

In the meantime, let me introduce our new Long Magatamas -- a 4x7 mm size that to me looks far more like a grain of rice than a mango seed for sure.

A delightful bead -- this should look superb as an edging.

This web page shows the Fuchsia Lined Smoky Amethyst AB long magatamas -- we also have these same ones in the 4mm ones and they should look great working with each other.

Packaged in the smaller containers of about 20 grams, and with that roughly 8 to 10 beads per gram.