Geometrical Inspiration/ Pattern

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This is a charming shawl by Irina Eberhardt, that allows you to play with intriguing techniques to make your own personal creation.

Here is how she describes the Geometrical Inspiration Shawl:

This pattern presents a shawl, knitted in basic intarsia and short rows. Learning this pattern gives to the knitters endless possibilities for their own fantasies to create their own projects. The triangulars could be knit smaller or bigger, the stripes could be wider or narrower, there could be more stripes added etc. It is great project for using scrap yarn, which every knitter has in unlimited amounts. One of the three colors (the gray color in my sample shown here), should be the main color which ties it all together, I would suggest keeping it the same through the whole project.

Just little portion of intarsia is involved in this pattern, and if you have never done intarsia then this project would be an easy way to learn this new technique.

Short rows are the dominating part of the shawl.

And, btw, instructions are given line-by-line.

What is needed is a DK weight yarn in three colors. The MC (gray in the original) needs about 300 yards, and the two contrasting colors requiring about 270 yards (that's the black in the shawl shown here) and 120 yards (the maroon) respectively.

If you prefer to get your patterns via Ravelry, you can get it directly from Irina via her Ravelry web page. What we offer here is your choice of a printed copy, or a downloadable PDF of the pattern.


A most interesting piece.

And fun!