Glenallen/ Pattern/ Design by Dee O'Keefe

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You can now choose the downloadable PDF version of the pattern or the hard copy printed out and mailed -- it is your choice.  


Glenallen is a beautiful shawl, from Design by Dee O'Keefe.

(This web page offers a hard copy of it, all 8 pages printed on heavy weight paper and slid into a sheet protector.)

Here is how the amazing designer describes it:

Glenallen is a contemporary, top-down triangular lace shawl. I will admit that I’ve always been a bit obsessed with the 1920s—the amazing clothing, silent movies and in particular the Art Deco design that began to flourish in the decade. When I first saw the pattern for the body of this shawl in a stitch dictionary, I knew I had to incorporate it into a shawl design. It reminded me of the interlocking mosaic marble floor tiles that one might find in the lobby of an elegant hotel circa 1925. I could just see Gloria Swanson, the silent movie queen, making a grand entrance, sashaying across this tile floor while dramatically flinging a beautiful shawl across her shoulder.

After revising the pattern to make the diamonds different sizes to add visual interest, I added an intricate chevron border with various Art Deco motifs ending in scallops that represent the graceful archways indicative of the style—and Glenallen was born!

Glenallen is the dressy, big sister design to my Wilshire Shawl, which also uses Art Deco motifs and has a revised version of the more open mesh Glenallen border.

Glenallen written as a charted pattern with large, easy-to-read charts and very detailed instructions on how to use them. Also included are detailed blocking instructions. The pattern has been written in such a way that you can easily modify the size by working more or less of the chart repeats.

Seaglass of our Ravelry group, added beads to the last chart and the result was spectacular. Anyone who would like to see what she did, email me separately and we can share.

The original shown here in red was knit in lace weight yarn -- you will need 800 yards to duplicate this size which is a medium. If you would like to make the large one (blue shown here), figure on 1050 yards of lace weight yarn. And for the small, go for about 650 yards. It would also look great knit in fingering weight. Go for a solid yarn or an almost-solid or a tone-on-tone so the intricacy of the lace work will be visible.

A real beauty.