Gradiance Colorways Exclusive to EarthFaire


This web page is presented to tell you about our special colorways that we have developed with the fantastic help of the dyers of The Unique Sheep.

We have a number more that are in the works -- great fun!

The best place to go to see these is the Flickr site for our Earth Faire Signature Colors that Kelly and Laura set up for us -- as they finish dyeing a set, they usually put it up so its look is saved.

There are lots of different yarn bases available.  Contact us and we can talk about your needs and wants. 


We have worked with Kelly and Laura of The Unique Sheep to develop certain special colorways that are now exclusive to us at Earth Faire. Some are Gradiance colorways and some are "single skein" ones where all the colors are varied within one skein. They are all unique to us and we are really pleased to be able to offer them.

They sell out fast when we get them in and we set up this web page to show the majority of what is possible.

If you would like to see some other colors -- again just contact me. We can look at photos and also talk about setting you up with a special order .

Please bear in mind that special orders might take as little as about two to three weeks, or as long as a month or two, depending on how busy Kelly and Laura are.

Enchanted Garden (circle)
Enchanted Garden (circle)
Impressionist Sunrise
Impressionist Sunrise
Magic Mirror (circle)
Magic Mirror (circle)
Fox & Geese
Fox & Geese
Neptune's Garden
Neptune's Garden
Hazy Daze, numbered as a circle
Hazy Daze, numbered as a circle
Harvest Moon -- treat it as a circle even though it is lined up.
Harvest Moon -- treat it as a circle even though it is lined up.
Poison Apple (circle)
Poison Apple (circle)
This should also be thought of as a circle, even though the photo is take of the 12 skeins lined up.
This should also be thought of as a circle, even though the photo is take of the 12 skeins lined up.
Realm of the Fae (circle)
Realm of the Fae (circle)

1. Dragon Fire

2. Dragons' Dawn

3. Twilight

4. Mardi Gras

5. Pixie Dust

6. Dragon Scales

7. Big Sur Twilight (shown knit in the shawl on the top photo on this page)

8. Van Gogh's Sunflowers

9. Impressionist Sunrise

10. Casablanca Sunrise

11. Path to the Castle

12. Neptune's Garden

13. Old Rock Wall

14. Snow Glint

15. Island Breeze

16. Rock Candy Mountain

17. Changing Skies

18. Dark Side of the Moon (this is offered only as a non-gradiance)

19. Aurora Borealis

20. Deep Forest

21. Denim Friendly

22. Fox & Geese

23. Mermaid's Bouquet

24. Chocolate Roses

25. Windy Sea

26. Inwood

27. Roi Soleil

28. Prince John

29. A Walk By The Shore

30. Winter Dusk

31. Thunderhead

The next bunch of colors are plays on single hues, monochromatic gradiances:

32. Roi Soleil (a play on golds)

33.  Ice Queen (blues)

34. Elven Circle (greens)

35.King Oberon (purples)

36. Painting the Roses Red (earthy pinks; even though none of the hues are a true red, they are all variations on a rose tone and I love the Alice in Wonderland reference :-)

37. Faerie Godmother (brighter pinks)

The next few colorways are based on circles of color. Each circle has 12 possible skeinettes of color. You have a choice here.  You can choose any 4 to 6 consecutive colors to make your own personalized colorway.  Or you can ask for a full circle dyed up to equal the amount of yarn you want for your kit. 

If you want a 4 or 6-skein set: you must do is choose the number to start with.  A number of the photos on this page show circles or color strips that are labeled by number. If you want, for example, to start with 10, then your set will have the skeins noted as 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3.

And if you want the full circle, you'll need to tell us "full circle." 

38. Enchanted Garden (available as a full circle)

39. Magic Mirror (available as a full circle)

40. Treasure Chest (available as a full circle)

41. Realm of the Fae (available as a full circle)

42. Hazy Daze (available as a full circle)

43. Harvest Moon (available as a full circle)

44. Blue Moon (available as a full circle)

45. Poison Apple (available as a full circle) (Remember the tale of Snow White and the magic poison apple that was green on one side and red on the other?  This is our newest in the Dark Side of Magic Series)

And some other newer "regular" ones:

46. Blue Dragon 

47. The Dragon Awakes!

48. Magic Carpet

49. BitterBlue

50. Shadow Fire

51. Wyvern's Lair

52. Warlock's Staff

53. Trail of Trolls

54. Mossy Stone

55. Magic Wand ( created to mirror the Pantone Colors of 2016.)

Further data on can be found here about Gradiance sets .

We do not have room to show all of the possible colorways on one web page.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your wants and desires for these yarn sets and be sure to check out the Flickr site for our Earth Faire Signature Colors .

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