Harmonia's Rings/ A Beaded Moebius Cowl Design by Sivia Harding

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You can now choose the downloadable PDF version of the pattern or the hard copy printed out and mailed -- it is your choice.  


Sivia has done it again!

To paraphrase our amazing designer: What happens when you combine a highly textured self-pleating pattern, and a mysterious Moebius structure?

It's a Moebius cowl/wimple/neckwarmer with a mysterious beaded spiral in the middle!


Here is what Sivia wrote on her blog:

"This newest addition, a warm and graceful cowl design, was born during the One World Moebius knit along that started right before the US election in November.

"This is reflected in the name of the cowl, “Harmonia’s Rings," after the Greek goddess of contentment and harmony. The spiral shape of the center and the outlying rings of the cowl look exactly like the ripple effect that happens when a droplet falls into a pool of water…

"I love this piece which is quite sculptural and very cozy and warm. It is made in rings of telescoping pleats that arrange themselves cozily around your neck, and the cowl can also be stretched up over most of your head if desired, making it a sort of honorary wimple."

The design features a beaded picot bind off at the edge of the spiral opening -- as Sivia says, "I couldn't resist adding beads, although there aren't many.. but I reserved a place of honor for them."

A most unique construction, your friends will be stumped. It does require that you need to know Cat Bordhi's Moebius cast on. She did a video teaching it -- the URL is on the pattern -- and you can see if if you follow the link below.

Figure on at least 350 yards of a soft and delicious worsted weight yarn. Plus long circular needles, about 47" long, in size 9 or size to give you a 16 sts/ 28 rows to 4" gauge. You'll also need a slightly smaller circular needle of 24" long.

And beads!

All you need is 23 beads but because of their placement they will really stand out on this piece. Go for size 6/0 or 5/0 ones.

(This is for hard copies of the pattern, printed and mailed.)


A wonderful piece! Fun to make and glorious to wear!