Inkberry/ Beaded Shawl Pattern by Sivia

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You can now choose the downloadable PDF version of the pattern or the hard copy printed out and mailed -- it is your choice.  


Oh my goodness gracious!

I love this!

From Sivia Harding comes a simply lovely shawl, perfect for the cooler weather and embellished in a most wonderful fashion -- beads and cables, oh yes!

I will quote her here:

"This unusually shaped wrap utilizes my favorite center back panel treatment, combined this time with wide, half-circular side panels. The overall effect is of wings which are anchored beautifully by the intricate leafy cables at the back. Interestingly, the combination of shaping techniques produces a wrap that will stay put where it is supposed to, and feels wonderfully generous to wear.

"Subtly textured in reverse stockinette stitch with beaded accents and with a minimalist feel, this wrap is warm and light as air. The beads, which are placed with the crochet hook method, add weight where it is needed and reveal glints of treasure hidden in the leaves which circle the bottom edge."

For those to whom it looks familiar Inkberry was first published in Twist Collective in 2010. And is now available through us.

The photos you see here were all taken by Vivian Aubrey, of the original as knit by Sivia.

The shawl is worked from the top down, starting at center back neck. As is usual in Sivia's designs, the lace patterns are both written and charted.

For the yarn, you will want 1,400 yards of lace or light fingering weight yarn. (The original was done in Schaefer's Audrey, two skeins dyed in the colorway called Spruce.)

For beads, all that is needed are 296 size 6/0 beads. (As an aside, you can see that Sivia used a color that blended with the yarn in her sample -- the beads stand out simply because of how they catch the light but the overall color is very similar to the yarn. There can be a most interesting but different look if one goes with beads that will contrast or stand out more.)


Bear in mind that you will need one of the very very thin crochet hooks in order to add the beads in this method -- we carry a high quality from Clover in size 14 that is great for this.

Sivia's patterns are always so very clearly written -- you will find yourself making an heirloom product with much joy.