Just Tulips/ Pattern by Nora J Bellows of Noni Designs

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Nora J. Bellows is the creative genius behind Noni Designs and the wealth of beauty that she creates is awesome.

This is a simple pattern for Just Tulips, lovely flowers for knitting and felting.

Nora writes: "Spring weather brings with it the curved stalks and delicately cupped flowers of the tulip in more color combinations than can easily be counted. This pattern allows you to bring tulips into your repertoire of knitted and felted flowers. Included are instructions for two-color (intarsia) tulips on their long, curved stems in two styles, those with rounded tips and those with pointy tips. Knitters wishing to make solid colored tulips may certainly do so."

These are real beauties. Fun to make and great to embellish -- and to embellish with!

They make me smile.