Kalmer Triangle/ Pattern by Kourtney

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You can now choose the downloadable PDF version of the pattern or the hard copy printed out and mailed -- it is your choice. 


I often fall in love with an amazing colorway in the skein, only to have a hard time finding a pattern which will showcase the colors and show off their beauty.

Kalmer Triangle, by Kourtney of Dollybird Workshop, is designed especially for such skeins.

Here is how Kourtney puts it:

Kalmer (pronounced CALL-mer) is ideal to showcase yarns that are highly variegated, limited in yardage, or both. Shown in luxurious cashmere worsted, this shawl can be worked to any size and will shine with any yarn weight and fiber. The firm, non-rolling linen stitch and carefully thought-out bind-off result in a very balanced, knitted material that lies flat and might just puzzle any weavers that you know…

This wide, triangular scarf is knit from the tip up, with increases at the beginning and end of every row. Variegated yarns will be flattered, as will almost any weight and fiber content. Be sure to swatch to ensure that you like your knitted fabric; try going up two to four needle sizes from what is suggested for your yarn.

The lovely finished piece that you see photographed here was knit by Kourtney using a 100% cashmere yarn, about 350 yards. The pattern is extremely adjustable and can be used with anywhere from 100 to 800 yards (91 - 732 m) happily.

We are offering here the hard copy (printed) version of the pattern. .

And we're about to add to the website a few yarns with very vibrant variegated colorways -- perfect to play with and make your own Kalmer Triangle.