Kara's Shawl/ Pattern by Kristi

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This one takes my breath away. Another stunning piece fromKreations by Kristi, this beaded shawl is just stunning.

Here is how Kristi describes Kara's Shawl:

"Kara’s Shawl is a crescent shape shawl with cables and lace diagonal stripes in the body of the shawl that flow into the delicate beaded border also designed with cables and lace."

There are nine (!!!) possible size options with chart instructions for Small, Medium or Large Body of Shawl and separate charts and instructions for your choice of a Short, Medium or Large Border.

Beads are added for that special sparkle! Instructions for attaching the beads with the crochet hook method is included. If you choose to use beads, you will want anywhere from 400 to 644, depending on the size of the shawl and the kind of border that you choose.

You can make this with fingering weight yarn or with lace weight yarn. Again, yardage varies depending on what you decide to make. It can be anywhere from 400 - 900 yards (366 - 823 m) depending on if you make a small, medium or large body with a short, medium or large border.

Such decisions!

Both charts and written row by row instructions are included.

Measurements listed here are based on using fingering weight and US#6 needles. Size of shawl and yarn usage varies greatly based on yarn weight and needle size choice! Here are the ranges you will be considering:

Small Body and Border choices: 50-58” x 19-21”

Medium Body and Border choices: 60-76” x 22-26”

Large Body and Border choices: 68-82” x 24-28”

What we offer on this webpage is the hard copy of the pattern, all 7 pages printed out on heavy weight paper and slid into a sheet protector.


P.S. We have an on-going informal KAL on our Ravelry forum to help with anyone doing Kristi's designs. They are not the easiest, but they are oh-so-lovely and oh-so-rewarding. So join in there for any needed help or just to chat.