KFI Collection: Painted Sock Degrade

Film Noir
Film Noir
Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush
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This is pretty darn awesome.  

From the KFI Collection, this is the new Painted Sock Degradé. (Degradé in this instance is used in the French sense of shaded or faded off.) 

This is a fingering weight superwash wool blend (75% suerwash merino + 25% nylon).

You will get a pair of braids per colorway. These can (and should) be unwound into seven small loops each. In other words, there are actually 7 different colors that fade one into the next for each braid (2 per colorway = 14), roughly 31+ yards (28+ meters) each, that come braided together to be used one at a time.

Perfect for many of the lovely gradient shawl and wrap designs out there, as well as socks.

It comes packaged as a pair for a total yardage of 436 yards.  


The folks at KFI sent me this message:  

Since we've been asked about the best way to wind it into a cake without tangling it, we made this helpful YouTube video. You can access it by using this link,  https://youtu.be/K324q8N_aLA


We brought in three colorways to try: 

1.  #201: Film Noir: Fades from a cream into gray into charcoal. 

2. #203: Castaway: Fades from a cream into blue into navy. (Sorry, sold out.)

3. #208: Butterfly Bush: This cream fades into pink into fuchsia into deeper rose.