Knit Me A River/ Evocative Guide by Jane Thornley

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Jane has done it again.

She has put together a marvelous twenty-one page guide to creating your own stunning and oh-so-unique piece, based around the flow of a river.

Wow. I said that already, but it bears repeating.

Here is what Jane wrote me about Knit Me A River:

"I see rivers as such perfect metaphors for life. They flow over smooth waters or rough, through fair weather or foul, always en route to the sea. I sit by them, swim in them and so often study their surfaces for messages beyond words.

"So, it seemed only fitting that I knit me a river for January. And, since it wouldn't do to have it too laborious, seeing that knitting in the flow is key, I kept the stitches simple (really). Garter, stockinet, seed and random lace. Yes, random lace, meaning that you can knit holes that don't matter only to close them up again later on in the row. How easy is that? Check out the photo of random lace enlarged below. Now, that's my kind of lace. Think fluid. Fluid is easy, fluid is grace.

"Of course, intarsia features here. Do you suffer from fear of intarsia? Perhaps this is the year to banish your knitting fears and follow a new wave into shore. Sorry, I am fond of metaphors.

"KNIT ME A RIVER is a booklet containing designs, charts and multiple full-color photographs for two wraps, one the Northern Woods pictured above (the upper right here), the second the Rio Grande flowing through a high desert mesa (seen below). "

Jane is also starting a Knit Me a River Knitalong in Ravelry featuring support, ideas, inspiration and (!) a prize. The link below will take you to more information.

Choose between a hard copy (printed and mailed) or a PDF via the drop-down menu above. 

The second photo below is what Jane refers to as Wild Child knitting of the River design. And the third shows the basic concept of the river knitting as made into a vest -- pretty spectacular, me thinks -- though that is not specifically covered in this pattern.

This is a marvelously inspiring piece -- we highly recommend.