Knitter's Pride Steel Crochet Hooks/ 1.0, 0.75, 0.5mm sizes

Price: $3.20
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We are pleased to have found the Knitter's Pride Steel Crochet Hook, a high-quality tool that will work well to add beads to knitting.


To quote the Knitter's Pride website, "This is an innovative product with an ergonomically designed handle that encourages hours of comfortable crocheting. This precision engineered tool was designed by experts for the enjoyment of crochet artists. It is the perfect combination of two durable materials; the steel-bodied hook provides a lifetime of strength, while the gold-bodied head allows great visibility with any color yarn. The smooth handle and soft grip are ideal for all types of crocheters, including those with arthritis."

Each also comes with a cap to cover it when not in use.

We have three sizes: 1.00 mm. 0.75mm, and 0.5mm (sorry, the 0.75mm ones are sold out).