Leaf and Point Trio/ Pattern/ Paint Your Knits!

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An intriguing concept, LeTissier Designs presents quite a substantial instructional pattern that guides you through knitting your choice of two scarves or a stole and then shows how to paint them.

The pattern itself lacks data on what dyes to use -- if you click on the link below you will go to the designer's website where more information is given. Beyond that, this takes you step-by-step through the knitting and into the painting with dyes so that you end up with a most intriguing creation.

The Leaf and Point Scarf requires 400 yards of a 4-ply fingering or a sport weight yarn. It is the first photo to the right here and can be seen in close-up in the second photo. The Leaf and Point Scarf ends up after blocking to be 60" x 10.5".

The Diamond Leaf Wide Lace Scarf (shown in the two photos below those) uses 500 yards of a similar yarn. The finished size of the Diamond Leaf is 62" x 16".

The third design in the pattern is for a Leaf and Point Lace Stole which needs 900 yards and ends up 80" x 25". That is the third picture and again the one you see as the last on this page.


It is important to bear in mind that your creation will look significantly different than these -- you are going to knit the basic design but you are going to paint them yourself, in the colors of your choice and make totally your own creation.


What we offer here is this comprehensive pattern alone, with the information needed to create these three designs.