Leaf Bracelets/ Crochet Kit

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I love bracelets and have been having a lovely time designing them. These are crocheted. They are fast to make and delightful to wear – the weight of the leaves feel wonderful dangling on my wrist. I can pretend I am gliding through a fairy glade....

The kits contain one spool of metallic polyester thread, roughly 60 leaf beads and an equivalent number of size 8/0 beads.

You will need a steel crochet hook -- I used size 5. (This is not part of the kit.)

The possibilities for the colors here are infinite. I am offering general guidelines for choosing your kit. If you would like to be more specific, let me know exactly what (from our site) you'd like in yours. That option ("unique personalized kit") is on the drop-down menu. Otherwise, we will go with the general categories and put together something special.

Have a wonderful time playing!