Leaf Lights Evocative Guide/ A Jane Thornley Design

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Jane has done it again. I didn't think it was possible, but she has come up with another absolutely wonderful "Guide" to take us on a knitting journey that is simply scrumptious.

Here is what she wrote:

"I'm still deep in the green zone. My tulips are poking up, I donned sandals as early as March some days, tossed off my jacket. If this is global warming, bring it on! However, I do recall springs like this way back when as a child. Are things really so different or are all matters cyclical? Well, no matter; I'll enjoy everything while it's happening and worry about the meanings later, much later. In the meantime, I offer you an adventure in organic lace, leaf lace.

"One day I had a brain stew from which emerged a giant leaf, a wrap I've called 'FROND'... (see the photo to the upper right and the first few photos below).... Yes, it really looks like a big, lacy, leaf. In fact, one day I had it spread on the floor and my husband yelped as he walked in, thinking he'd descended into a rain forest. And, yes, tropical growth is definitely the inspiration here.

"A modified feather and fan, the veins and stems form naturally for the frond via an organically-grown lace that evolves into a big, luxe, leaf. Work it from any hand-dyed yarn..." (and Jane gives suggestions of course, while encouraging us to find our own muse, yarn-wise especially). Inside the guide, amid the 30 pages of lush illustrations, you'll also find two other designs: a scarf called 'Blade' and a kimono-style top called 'Leaf Lights'. We have the photos below as well -- Blade is the fourth picture, the lovely scarf. And the kimono style top is shown as the last two pictures there, front and back.

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There is so much inspiration and beauty within these pages --Jane is truly awe-inspiring and we are honored to be able to offer this to you here.