Leaves in Amber: Beaded Kits (Free Pattern)

Seaweed (top) - Mustard (bottom)
Seaweed (top) - Mustard (bottom)
Christie's original hat.
Christie's original hat.
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This one is just lovely!  A beaded beauty that will keep you smiling...

In the latest issue of Knitty.com, you will find Leaves in Amber by Christie WN

This is a free pattern for you to download for yourself. 

The Design

Here is what Christie writes about the design:

Who can resist the changing colors of leaves in Autumn as they turn from green through reds and ambers to gold?

Golden beads highlight the leaves on this cabled hat, and the crown decreases are positioned to continue the beading pattern across the head.

The hat will look just as good without the beads so can be customised to suit personal preferences.

Yarn and Colorways

We have put together some kits to also mirror the colors of Autumn though they are different than the ones Christie used.

You can see our yarns in the inset photo on the top picture on this page and again below that. 


1.  The first choice is one colorways in Ella Rae Heathered Merino, a fingering weight 80% superwash merino/ 20% nylon with 457 yards (417m) per 100g skein.

It feels truly awesome, really a delicious yarn.

Seaweed is a deep dark evergreen.  I think of the leaves of a deep forest in mid-summer.  


2. Moonshine Fine is our second yarn, a mix of baby alpaca, oganic silk, highland wool and recycles nylong.  Absolutely yum!

The colorway is called Mustard and is a bright golden yellow, the color of birch leaves in fall. 



Yes, they are optional but we love how they add to the overall look.  Each kit will include 20g of size 6/0 beads, or about 240 beads.  This will give you enough for the largest size. 

If you have a preference on color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you.