Little Fishies Panel Scarf / pattern by Jane Thornley

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I fell in love.

I'll let Jane tell you about this one:

"Think of the panel scarf as a canvas upon which to explore a wide range of scarf-as-jewelery or scarf-as-belt adventures. The central panel becomes the focal point from which you pick up stitches for the left and right sides. For Little Fishies, embellishments are added to the panel by way of i-cord fringes which are further beaded and festooned. Of course, the i-cords could be left off and the scarf transformed into something slightly more ‘plain’ that could even be worn as a belt. Pattern comes with a stitch-by-number map to help guide the yarn changes."

And email us if you'd like some suggestions for embellisments. We even ordered some fish beads, specially for this one!

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