MoonFleet/ Beaded Shawl by Janine Le Cras/ Pattern

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Oh, this one is a real beauty.

Originally created by Janine Le Cras for a Mystery Knit Along for The Unique Sheep --- one that we at Earth Faire provided the beads for.

This is truly striking and the beads add such an amazing touch to it!

The original shawl (photos can be seen here) was knit using one of their lace weight yarns, 1200 yards worth. You can use a solid color, or a gradiance set in one of our special colorways. The finished shawl is about 20" wide x 70" long.

In addition you need about 2500 size 8/0 beads and 24 drop beads for enhancing the edgings.

As Janine writes: Based on the classic children's book about stolen diamonds and smugglers, this rectangular shawl is worked from one end to the other with knitted on borders.

Fun! I love stories to go with my knitting!

The drop beads are pre-threaded onto the yarn and added with the cast-on. The other beads are added via the crochet-hook method so be sure to have one of those extremely thin crochet hooks or the equivalent to add them with. We carry quite a few plus some neat "bead feeders" -- if you'd like more data, just email me.

This is a beautiful piece, heirloom quality, fun to knit, and a real joy to wear.