18 Pearls Wrap/ Pattern by Heidi Barrett

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You can choose the downloadable PDF version of the pattern (instead of the hard copy printed out) -- your choice.


Whoosh! Blown away!

Heidi Barrett, the fantabulous designer of the oh-so-unique Mermaid Scarf has come up with a really stunning shawl.

This one really sings to me.

An open, airy shawl, that is made with only 18 rows of purling and 18 "pearls" per beaded row -- hence the name 18 Pearls Wrap.

It is quite an unusual piece, and in my oh-so-humble opinion, gorgeous!

Using about 450 yards (100 grams) of fingering weight or DK weight yarn and size 7 or 8 US (4.5mm or 5mm) needles (depending on the yarn you choose), you end up with such a lovely piece.


324 size 6/0 beads, (added by the crochet hook method) help make this truly a work of art.

The finished wrap measures either 18" x 58" (in fingering) or 20" x 62" (in DK).

Take a look at the photos below --- amazing, no?


Great fun.