Road to Indigo Vest/ pattern by Jane Thornley

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This is a spectacular vest that looks like it will be marvelous to make.

Here is what Jane writes:

"Like all dream voyages, this traveler’s vest is designed for comfort and leisure with side gussets and the possibility to expand or shrink its size by simply removing or changing the gusset as preference or girth require.

"It is sized to be roomy but, if your body expands or shrinks, so can your vest. The vest is knit with two yarns at a time alternating in standard knit2 purl2 rib, mixing yarns in the alternating rib."

The original vest as seen here used, for the right side purl ribs a hand-dyed variegated Blue Heron yarn as the ‘lead’ yarn while the knit ribs were worked in multiple yarns that are changed every 4 or five rows.

Pattern is 11 pages long, contains color photos, schematics and instructions for both the vest and the beaded embellishments. 

Choose between a hard copy (printed and mailed) or a PDF via the drop-down menu above. 

Sizes: standard 32-40 in chest plus possibility to extend to 40+ through the use of gussets

And Jane does assure you that :"As long as your gauge is on, you can use ay yarn..." Bear in mind that the knitting technique used here is basically as in Fair Isle -- the yarns are carried across the back of the work to create a sturdy textured fiber.

And Jane gives great ideas for adding beaded embellisments -- she added beaded extensions to the fingers on the edge of the gusset to hers and recommends at least three different sizes of beads. She used two semi-precious ones plus size 8/0 bead beads to blend with her yarn choices and attached them after-the-fact using beading thread.

This one is glorious.