Safari and Savannahs/ An Evocative Guide/ Jane Thornley

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Another inspiring design piece by Jane Thornely.

I quote Jane here:

"Go on a knitting safari with Safari And Savannahs Evocative guide.

"In tribute to Africa, two vests and one asymmetrical 'not-a-poncho' comprise this collection.

"The Great Zimbabwe Vest has a simple intarsia motif center back and crosses the front to fasten on one side. Easily sized for small, medium and large, knit this side to side in linen, cotton, wool, silk, ribbon – anything!

"The Swahili Basket vest (center) is unfitted knit in a mix of basketweave stitch and cross-stitch with a cross-stitch side feature and, finally, the Safari Savannah Not-a-poncho is a one-size asymmetrical topper easily knit in absolutely any fiber, any weight.

"Not into earthy colors? Go Zulu in bright primary colors and color your own adventure.

Consider the Great Zimbabwe vest, which is pictured first below and again another view on the fourth photo. Knit side to side on 5.5 mm/ US 9 needles, it crosses across the front to fasten with a button or pin and features an intarsia African triangle motif in the back. Sized for small, medium and large, side gussets picked up and knit after the back and fronts are completed make it easier to tailor armhole and width to suit most preferences. Click on the first photo below, of the front, to see the back.

The second picture below shows the Swahili Basket vest. A mix of basketweave stitch and Indian cross stitch braced with bands of garter in contrasting yarns simulates the fabulous basketry of the African peoples. Knit on 5.5 mm/ US 9 needles, this creation is a quick knit and the addition of gussets complete with a cross stitch band adds to the visual interest. Click on that one and see detailing of the side. Quick striking. And the back can be seen in the next-to-last photo below -- neat, yes?

The third photo below shows Jane's Not-a-Poncho. Rate this one right up there among your fav must-knits since it looks great on just about anybody's body and is great free-range fun to make. Simply cast on and Jane will guide you on your adventure from there. Includes a motif color guide to help lead the way but you really don't need one.

Choose between a hard copy (printed and mailed) or a PDF via the drop-down menu above. 

Quite an exciting adventure -- visit Africa from the comfort of your couch and have a great time knitting!