Seychelles/ Pattern from Susanna IC

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As of right now, Susanna requested that we not offer the pattern as a pdf.  You might be able to find that on her website  but what we can offer right now is the printed version only. 


I really like the patterns and designs of Susanna IC.

This one was created by her for a club being run by Miss Babs. Here is what Susanna writes about it:

When Miss Babs asked me to design a shawlette with an island theme for her new knitting club, I searched many images for inspiration. The most beautiful image that I found of the Seychelles shows an island cove with a pristine beach and incredibly blue ocean waves rushing to the shore. The waves are topped with frothy white crests and sparkle in bright sunshine. I was so inspired that I wanted to interpret this image in lace as precisely as possible.

I knew I wanted to use a crescent shape for the shawl because its gentle curve would echo the coastline in the inspiration photo exactly. I chose a simple meandering lace pattern for the central portion of the lace border and incorporated some textured stitches to mimic the rippling waves. A few basic lace stitches emulate the wave crests along the bottom edge of the shawl along with a sprinkling of silver-lined beads that reflect light much like the real ocean waves do.

The shawlette requires 500 yards of a lace weight or fingering weight yarn plus 170 size 5/0 glass beads.

This web page offers a hard copy of the pattern.


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