Shell Dance Capelet/ pattern by Jane Thornley

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I love these designs!

Each is a wonderful recipe for creating your own Wearable Art! Those of us who enjoy playing with colors within certain loose parameters -- here is your muse!

I discovered Jane Thornley's designs by accident and am thoroughly delighted. Her patterns encourage you to go stash diving (a new sport?) and find wondrous yarns to have an amazingly joyful time with. If you want a pattern that holds your hand, do not go here. But if you love designs that guide you along a path but allow you to choose your own direction and truly create, this is for you.

This one is a simple capelet, shape-wise. To quote Jane, "This little capelet features hands-free wearability. It's fitted around the shoulders but not too long -- perfect for air conditioning and summer nights. This version is silky-light, an effect achieved by undulating drop stitches...."


You will want a main yarn with about 400 yards (there will be leftovers) plus another yarn plus about the same amount in at least one other colorway which complements it. Depending on the length you make it, you will have a lot or a little left over -- perfect for starting another one of Jane's patterns!

P.S. What we offer here is the printed version of the pattern. If you prefer a PDF file, Jane offers that on her website.