Small Investments/ Pattern by Jane Thornley

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Oh rapturous day!

Jane has come out with a marvelous new design -- as fast knit that is oh-so-much-fun! And this one just cries out for embellishments.

Now before I forget, Jane is running a Knit-Along via Ravelry on this one -- click on the link below to find that great little group.

Here's how Jane describes this beauty:

"It’s a vest or a scarf or both in two versions – The Pasha’s Investment and the Sultan’s Investment – both fabulous accessories which can be worn like vests, scarves, or even belts. Glam up any festive outfit by wearing one over a blouse or a basic tee. Consider the rear view as either plain or dramatic – with long i-cord dangles or with a softly-curved, corded, drape – and mix up the options. These designs are simply blank slates for exploration and experimentation.

"And these are easy and quick projects to knit using size 5mm/8 US needles and a single hank of one of those lovely variegated yarns that lure us on from the yarn store shelves. A single, glorious skein will do the trick. Just add about 25 yards of two or more supporting players and you’re set. Why not knit gifts for the holidays in a yarn that keeps you happy? Personally, silk makes me very happy but so does any beautiful fibre. Use your favorite.

"A small investment, then, in both price and time that offers huge dividends. Here’s a scarf with serious vest leanings or a vest that aspires to be a scarf. Either way, each design unfolds around a single hank of hand-dyed loveliness with mere scraps to pick up the colors along the way. Or something from your stash. Add an ornamental button, scarf pin, beads, or even a broach and viola! Something gorgeous this way comes.

"Consider your options limitless."

Amen to that! Ladies (and gents), start your needles!

Now be aware that what we are offering here is the pattern, printed out and sent to you. If you would like a PDF file, go to Jane's site and get it there.

As I "play" myself, I will most likely add bead packet options to go with Possibilities -- but feel free to email us with requests. We will happily put together some great mixes to work with just about anything.

Fun fun fun fun!

P.S. What we offer here is the printed version of the pattern. If you prefer a PDF file, Jane offers that on her website.