Strand of Pearls/ Pattern by Rose Beck

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A beautiful new design from Rose Beck, Strands of Pearls is a combo pattern with instructions for both a cowl/infinity scarf and for a top-down crescent shawl (with 3 sizes).

Here is how Rose describes this beauty:

"Contrasting stripes and slipped stitches provide visual and textural interest in these pieces. Work a cowl/infinity scarf or a top-down, narrow crescent shawl. Using vibrant or muted colors dramatically changes the mood of the finished piece.

"Samples are shown in heavy fingering/sport weight yarn, but any weight yarn may be used (adjust yardage accordingly)."

Rose rates the skill level as Intermediate.

The directions are written out.

The cowl version requires heavy fingering or sport-weight yarn: 100 (200) yds MC and 50 (100) yds CC.

The shawl is sized so that it ends up with finished measurements of: Small (Medium; Large) 48 (54; 60) inches wide x 12 (13; 14) inches deep.

Figure for the shawl that you will need heavy fingering or sport-weight yarn: 300 (350; 425) yds MC and 175 (275; 400) yds CC.

This is lovely! And I can't help but notice that it would be quite easy to put beads along this design fairly easily and make this truly a "strand of pearls."