Summerleaf: Pattern by Nim Teasdale

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What a wonderful song to sing !

Here is Nim Teasdale's Summer Leaf but it is appropriate for any time of year and as spring approaches it is very enticing indeed.

Here is what Nim has to say about it:

Summerleaf is a top down crescent from the Leaf Cycle Collection.

The pattern is both written and charted, and offers several variables to play with:

Start the lace when you like - as an all over pattern, or after an adjustable sized plain section in stockinette or garter.

Repeat the leaf pattern as many times as you like.

The edging is also indefinitely repeatable, and can be extended to make use of all that lovely yarn.

Optional beading for a little bling.

Adaptable to a variety of fibres and yarn weights from lace to DK.

Lace rows are worked on the right side only.

This shawl is inspired by the lush green leaves of summer which create lovely cool green shade. It is perfect for keeping the summer sun off delicate skin and draping round shoulders when the cool evening descends.

The shawl had a hugely variable yardage need, depending on what you decide to do. The one that Nim knit, that you see on this page, used only 345 yards (315m) and measures about 45 x 175 cm after blocking.

Similarly there are no set amounts of beads needed to make the shawl -- by my rough calculation you will need anywhere between 420 and 840 of size 6/0 beads.