The Berber Jacket/ Pattern by Jane Thornley

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This is such an intriguing departure from some of Jane's usual designs -- and absolutely gorgeous.

And to top it all off, she is running a KAL on it, starting in August. How cool is that?

Here is what Jane writes about it:

"The Moroccan souks offer rich foraging for Berber design. In this world of saturated color, inspiration abounds. Color leaps from eye to hand in everything from the spice stalls to the carpet shops, of which there are many.Hand dyeing is so common, pots of hue are as readily available on the Moroccan shelves as laundry detergent is on ours. A Berber pharmacy alone is an experience to behold – saffron by the barrel, spices heaped in mounds, something for whatever ails you. Everywhere you go, the senses are plunged into an exotic visual feast.

"Knitting this jacket is like a mini-excursion into this land of authentic color. Here I invite you to experience color play using the simplest of knit combinations -- knit2,purl2-- for a richly-evocative rib. Something about this stitch evokes the pattern play of Moroccan textile like no other. The visual complexity is just a trick of the eye as you layer color upon color by basic two-color knitting. Only two yarns are carried across every row. Easy. And, just to help you grow comfortable with the technique, the guide offers a mini Stranded Knitting 101 section. Be inspired!

"This jacket is a stash-buster but you'll be tempted to add a few new luxuries into the mix. What about those ribbons you spy but can't figure out what to do with? A few rows here and there really spark this vibrant mix to life. Here's your chance to play with yarn while knitting up a stunning jacket.

"The design of the jacket can be fitted or straight and I'll show you how to knit it to fit you."

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This will be great fun! Playing with the colors alone saturates my senses in such a wondrously exotic fashion.