The Cat Duo: Beaded Kits

Cloud Forest skein (showing some beads too)
Cloud Forest skein (showing some beads too)
Confident skein (with some beads as well)
Confident skein (with some beads as well)
Galina's original
Galina's original
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Just plain fun!

By Galina Zapletnuka, The Cat Duo gives you a choice of two simple beaded wristwarmers with little cats to accomany you all day long. :-)


Please be sure to get your pattern from the designer directly on her Ravelry page here Our kits consist of yarn plus beads to knit these with. 


The Design 

Here is what Galina writes:

This pattern is for two cat designs of Latvian beaded wrist warmers or mauči.

Both versions are knit in the same way, using the same amount of yarn, but have different beaded designs: Version A has a cat outline on a flower field with with two rows of beads as edging, Version B has only a beaded cat on the knit background.

This is an easy to knit pattern suitable for all levels. You only need one ball of yarn and a handful of beads for the pair.

The cuffs are knit sideways in garter stitch with one seam. Beads are pre-threaded onto the yarn and incorporated into the knitted piece by sliding them up between stitches one by one. The pattern provides a chart, but there are also written instructions for the entire work.

Yarn and Beads

We set up options where you can put together the kits that appeal to you, based on the yarn you choose and the version you wish to knit. 

Ours are not the exact yarn nor the exact beads that Galina used in her originals.  You can see what we offer via the inset photo on the top picture on this page and again below that. 


The Yarns (choose one):

1.  The Fibre Company's Canopy Fingering, blending 50% alpaca + 30% wool + 20% viscose -- this is soft and really delcious feeling -- with 200 yards (183m) per 50g skein.  The colorway is called Cloud Forest and is a beautiful gray.  

2. Araucania's Nuble, of 75% wool + 25% silk and giving 272 yards (250m) per 50g skein.  The colorway here is called Confident and is an almost-solid with slight color variatons in a rich blue steel.  There is a gorgeous depth to this colorway. 

The Beads

All of our beads are from Miyuki of Japan, whose reputation for high quality makes it one of the most popular bead company worldwide.


For Version A, one needs the following.  I have included my suggestions for each though if you have another idea, do let me know.  We will happily adjust the kits to match your vision. : 

(a) Roughly 15 grams of 8/0 beads for the decorative elements of the borders and flowers scattered on the wristwarmer.  For this one we particularly like a silver bead (perhaps Silver Lined Crystal or Silver Lined Crystal AB) to stand out on both yarn colors.Though it would also look great with a darker or richer color here, particularly for the Cloud Forest. I can see quite a few looking really fine.

(b) About 3 grams of  the 8/0 beads used to outline the cat shape.  On Cloud Forest, Black or Gunmetal (charcoal) look very fine indeed. For Confident one needs more of a contrast; I like Aqua Lined White Pearl or (again) a silver bead (though then the outlines and flowers should be another color).

(c) A scant 12 beads for the cat's eyes:  I like Silver Lined Lime for both or Silver Lined Chartreuse AB. 

(d) Only about 4 beads for the sweet little cat mouth.  Almost any of our pink or rose beads look great; I tend to like the ones that are silver lined for this as they will stand out nicely.  The color-lined ones will also look very fine indeed. 


For Version B, you need fewer beads.  I wrote in my thoughts and suggestions; again if you have other ideas, just say the word.

(a) About 7 grams of 8/0 beads for the cat.  Galina's original used a dark purple.  We could follow that idea or give you black or charcoal for the Cloud Forest.  The Confident colorway needs a lighter color bead to stand out so perhaps the Silver Lined Smoky Amethyst AB or again the Aqua Lined White Pearl or even one of the Silver (S/L Crystal or S/L Crystal AB) beads.  

(b) 12 beads of a vivid green for the cat's eyes -- again I like Silver Lined Lime or Silver Lined Chartreuse AB.  Or if you would like another color for your cat's eyes (gold maybe?), just let me know. 


So to summarize: 

Choose your yarn colorway and then choose your Version A or B.  Let me know if you have specific desires for your beads or let me choose for you. 

This should be a wonderful project.  

(BTW, Galina used size 0 needles for knitting hers.  Your gauge might vary but figure something in that overall range.  These are not included in the kit.)