The Phoenix's Tale: Pattern by Nim Teasdale

These photos show Nim's original piece.
These photos show Nim's original piece.
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Another beautiful shawl by Nim Teasdale, this Phoenix's Tale is (as Nim puts it) a cousin to the crescent shaped Peacock’s Tale, which we have carried in the past.

With all sorts of options, from the yard to the designs within the shawl to the use of beads, this is a wonderfully fun knit.  

The Design

Nim says, "....the Phoenix is another evolving pattern. Start with small feathers, then larger, then lacy flames, and finally a trail of sparks for the edging.

"Add a hint of beading for some extra sparkle.

"The shape is a little more than a triangle, to allow it to drape comfortably on the shoulders without slipping, and to create the illusion of wings.

"Designed particularly to adapt to gradient yarns, each segment of the pattern can be repeated indefinitely until you wish to transition to the next, and the edging can be continued until there is just enough left to bind off."

Sounds just about perfect, doesn't it? 

This great shawl pattern is adaptable to any yardage of lace to heavy fingering weight.

Beads are optional.