The Purples of Dusk - Newsletter, December 14, 2021


As the days are getting shorter and shorter, it seems to me that colors are also shifting towards the shorter end of the spectrum as well.

Call it maybe an ambiance of purples..? The overall look of colors to my eye seem to be veering cooler in an unexpected match to the weather.

And the longer twilights are especially striking.  

photo by Jon Sandin

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We'd like to share some special things with you today.

Fiery Foliage: New Wintertide Version

Fiery Foliage: New Wintertide Version

Kelly of The Unique Sheep has created a new colorway she named Wintertide.  This is the promised new version of colors for knitting Stephen West's Fiery Foliage, for those of us who prefer cooler colors. 

It is gorgeous!

Kelly dyed up a small run of these colors for us but is very willing to take pre-orders as well. So as soon as these sell out (and they are going very very fast) we'll turn the web page page into a Pre-Order version.  It would take some weeks to be specially dyed for you --- but need I say it is well worth the wait?  

Learn more here!

Paint Can: Before the Stars

Paint Can: Before the Stars

A wonderful little set of skeinettes from Koigu in their KPPPM yarn.  Each "Paint Can" includes four skeins of 87 yards each.

There are lots of designs that these would work beautifully in. -- but just to make it super-easy, each set will include a free cowl pattern to knit.

Check this out!

Butterfly/ Papillon: Kits

Butterfly/Papillon: Kits

Back in stock!  We brought in colorways for two new kits. 

"Papillon" is the French word for butterfly -- and a perfect name for this beauty.  The shawl is pure genius and so so so lovely!  With very clear directions, it is a joy to knit and a joy to wear. 

Come see! 

Fizzing Whizzbees: Kits

Fizzing Whizzbees: Kits

These have been flying out the door!  I put up the web page for this kit just a few days ago and already we limited numbers of only one of these colorways left .  

But I really just had to make sure you saw this.  It is a really amazing piece of knitting from Ursa Knits -- I am in awe at her creative process!

So if you are interested -- and oh boy, this is a really intriguing knit --- but miss out on it, do contact me and I'll let you know when we have more kits available.  

Come look!

Ice Queen Beaded Cuffs: Kits

Ice Queen Beaded Cuffs: Kits

Another great find in our hunt for quick-and-easy-gifting-creations.  Short and sweet -- and let me add that it would be a great first project for anyone new to beaded knitting.

Wristlets add a surprising amount of warmth to cold hands and bodies and this one is such a perfect design for this time of year. 

Find out more!

Some pretty wonderful kits and yarns you might like exploring....
KFI: Indulgence
Gomitolo Finito
Pencil Box: Winter Forest

It is worthwhile to take a look every now and then at our What's New pages -- sometimes things just don't make it to the newsletter and you could find something that really sings to you. 

Also you might like to check out our Specials pages as they change often. 

We are still continuing our Pay-It-Forward game. Details can be found on our home page. All you need is tell me you want a gift skein anytime you place an order that is $50 or more.

We also have some special Wonder Bags as well as our Chromatic Grab Bags. Designed to spark your imagination!

photo by Jon Sandin

Here is hoping you really enjoy browsing and that you have a most wonderful time creating.