The Summer Free-Range Knitting Guide/ by Jane Thornley

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A wonderful new free-range knitting guide from Jane Thornley -- this is chock full of wonderful ideas and designs to play with this summer.

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"My philosophy is simple: beautiful yarn is meant to be explored, to be played with the way we played with color for the very first time. Remember those boxes of crayons? Opening every new box was a delight, a promise. Is there any reason why as adults we think that’s all over?

"Unleash yourself. Paint with yarn. Color with yarn. Let lines guide you rather than box you in. The free-range summer knitting offers a guiding design, techniques, and plenty of options to explore knitting as creative self-expression. The key is to experiment, explore, and play, creating your own piece of wearable art rather than someone else’s concept.

"Because free range knitting is a perfect refuge against rules, regulations, and what-not-to-dos, no wrongs exist, only opportunities for discovery. Some of the loveliest designs emerge from knitters who can’t tell you what they did to create such wonder. Perhaps they allowed themselves to knit intuitively, following little tangents at a level beyond the rational brain? One knitter said she just ‘went for it’ and let go of all preconceived notions of what not to do and in so doing created one extraordinary piece after another.

"This is your guide to free-range knitting, summer style. Consider the three designs as blank canvases for your own explorations though each is written in full detail so you can model the originals exactly. Each design is also open to any yarn, accommodates any size, and is open to interpretation..."


The photos below show just a few examples of the creations that are possible, following this philosophy of knitting and this summer guide. There are basic designs for shrugs, wraps and scarves and advice for how to make them truly your own. Your personal creations will be just that -- yours completely and uniquely and oh-so-different than anyone else's. Jane is a wonderful teacher and her writing is clear and easy to follow.

Free-range knitting is her name for what becomes a license to create with much joy.