Two Shrugs/ Shorelines and Watergarden/ by Jane Thornley

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Another in our wonderful finds -- a new (to us) pattern by Jane Thornley offering two possible shrugs, both dramatic and fun to make or to wear!

This is a true shrug: a shawl with sleeves.

The effect is loose, flowing, and almost shawl-like without the fumbling needed to keep a shawl in place. It’s knit from cuff to cuff, increasing 1 stitch at the beginning and end of every right side row until the desired width is reached, after which it is knit straight across the back (and front simultaneously) until the decrease begins for the other sleeve.

The elegant back drape and lacy texture is achieved by using big needles and a few simple yarnover stitches in a mix of soft, silky fibers. The yarn lists provided for each versions include both luxury and economical options.

An at-a-glance stitch&color guide also accompany each version.

To quote Jane, "A watergarden is a pool of blue-green shimmering in the back of your thoughts, half mirage, half reality. It's the dream of summer on a winter's day, the promise of warmth in a cool breeze. The shoreline becomes the edge of possibility, akin to the way the sea edges the shore. "


The photo to the above right shows the Watergarden version. Down below is a photo of the Shoreline Version in textured neutrals.

And there are also some pictures of a lovely version in black and neutrals. Here is what Jane wrote about that one:

"Remember the Watergarden and Dune shrugs, one of the first patterns I ever made? Well, I keep making it. And making it. By changing the yarns and mixing up the stitches, experimenting with finishing details and adding or subtracting embellishments, I find the same design keeps creating new looks. The one (shown below), knit in gold, cream and black ribbons and textury tapes, has turned into this elegant slouch of a garment. How can one be elegant while slouching, you ask? Easy. Put it down to a relaxed insouciance.. In any case, the same pattern worked in different yarns can bring about quite dramatic results, methinks."


This pattern just lends itself to so much --- you can create and make it your own in so many ways and Jane is right there with you.


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