Weeping Birch: Beaded Kits

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Alovely new beaded design by  j kolette beckert --- this scarf uses a very simple way of adding beads to knitting and creates a most striking piece. 


Please be sure to get your pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page here.  What we have put together are yarn and bead sets to knit this with.


The Design 

Here is how Kolette describes this piece:

Waif-like leaves dance in the breeze, flirt and flutter, a skirt of silk.

---Silver Birch by Ruth Mawdsley

The slender form and graceful trailing branches made the weeping birch one of my favorite trees.

Weeping Birch is a beaded scarf, knit from both ends and grafted in the middle.

Both beaded knitting and beads over slipped stitches are used to add sparkle. This is possibly the easiest way to incorporate beads into your work.

Yarn and Colorways

Now Kolette used a crochet cotton to knit hers.  I admit to hating knitting with cotton and I really prefer rich colors to white -- so needless to say, our kits do not offer the exact items that she used for her original. 

However, after a lot of back and forth conversation, I settled on a lovely merino-silk blend for the yarn, a lace weight that will stand up to the many beads running through it. 

You can see our yarn in the lower left-hand corner of the top photo on this page and again below that.

The yarn in our kits is Findley, 50% merino + 50% silk, each ball giving 798 yards. 

I quote the KFI folks, talking about Findley, here:  

The silk content makes the colors glow. The yarn is super smooth with a beautiful sheen. It's soft, doesn't split and it feels amazing.

We have this lovely jeweltone: 

Renaissance, a royal violet.


This scarf takes a lot (!) of beads --- in size 8/0 beads, about 3,700 of them -- that are pre-strung on the yarn. 

Now Kolette mentions that you might like to use a bead spinner tool, or you can sit down with a Big Eye needle or a dentail floss threader (we will include one) and prepare for a few hours of stringing, great while talking to friends or binge watching your favorite show, or just as a meditation.  

If you have a preference for bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you and it might be a color that mirrors the yarn color or one that really stands out.