Wicked: Pattern by Nim Teasdale

The photos on this page show the original piece knit by Nim.
The photos on this page show the original piece knit by Nim.
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The pattern is by Nim Teasdale.  Here is how she describes Wicked

This last offering from the Little Book of Fairy Tales is a little on the dark side. Possibly..

Wicked has become an ambigious word. Once it meant Bad, then it took on a mischievous option, and now it sometimes means awesomely good. Words can be like that..

So this is the sort of thing you could make for your own step mother, whether you think she’s awesomely wicked (in which case, be sure to tell her so!) or nastily wicked (in which case you may wish to keep the shawl’s name a private joke..)

Starting with a simple flower-like lace, the patterning gradually becomes more complex and twisted as you make your way towards the edging.

Heart shaped to stay on the shoulders when you need to keep your hands free for nefarious deeds (as all good villains do), and it has a wickedly pointy tip too.

The pattern itself is both fully written and charted.  

The lace work is patterned on the right sides only, the "wrong" sides being more restful.

 There is the option of beads or not.

 Best of all, it can be knit in just about any yardage, and any weight yarn from lace to DK.

 Nim has written it so you can repeat any of the charts as many times as you wish, or skip the earlier parts and go straight into the repeatable edging.

The Beads

For lace weight yarn, we find that the lighter and more subtle 8/0 beads work very well indeed. If you use a heavier yarn, you would be better served with size 6/0s or larger.

Nim does not specify how many beads are needed for a full sized shawl.