Wild Iris/ Pattern by Sivia Harding

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A really neat new pattern from Sivia Harding, one of her Mobeius cowl collection (as in her "Book of Cowls").

Wild Iris is (to quote Sivia): Gracefully buttoned, this gentle Moebius cowl, edged in beads and lace, is light and amazingly easy to wear. The position of the button accentuates the spiral in the cowl and offers a resting place for the thumb in the matching cuffs. Beads are placed with the add-as-you-go crochet hook method.

The cowl requires one skein of fingering weight yarn, and the cuffs require 130 additional yards of yarn. It is an idea one-skein project. The functional buttons provide a lot of interest!

The beads are all added via the as-you-go crochet hook method.

All of the photographs on this page were taken by Barbara Gundle. They are included so you can get an idea of the look.

The cowl ends up at approximately 25”/63.5 cm around neck and 13”/ 33 cm long including edging, measured flat.

The cuffs finish at 6 (7)”/15 (18) cm around arm at widest point (will stretch up to 3”/ 7.5 mm above this measurement) and 9.5”/24 cm long from cast on to hem.

Figure that for the cuffs you will need 130 yards in addition to the 385 yds needed for the cowl. To add beads to the cowl and pair of cuffs figure on 105 size 6/0 seed beads.

What we offer on this web page is simply the pattern, printed out in hard copy.

Really lovely, no?