Xylia/ Pattern by Susanna IC

Susanna's original piece
Susanna's original piece
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As of right now, Susanna requested that we not offer the pattern as a pdf.  You might be able to find that on her website  but what we can offer right now is the printed version only. 


A lovely and rather simple design combined with a most unique yarn.  And beads.  Of course. 

The Design

Xylia is a wonderful creation by Susanna IC.  Here is how she describes it: 

When I was planning this design, I asked myself what would the women of Downton wear on cold winter days. I think that they would wear their beautifully elegant gowns, as always, and they would accessorize with gorgeous shawls and wraps to stay warm in their lavish home.

I wanted to design a shawl that not only Lady Cora or Lady Mary could wear, but one that would be timeless and appropriate for today’s world.

Inspiration for Xylia comes from the stark beauty of evergreen trees, often the only source of color in a snowy landscape, while the shape of Xylia’s lace border is reminiscent of their deep green branches.

Xylia, meaning ‘of the forest’, is knitted in one piece, side-to-side, out of a single skein of a beautiful hand-dyed merino (note: this refers to the original shawl as knitted by Susanna).

The body of the shawl is worked in simple garter stitch and its lace is easy enough even for a beginner lace knitter. Beads are added to the edge stitches for extra drape and sparkle; however, the shawl looks great even without the beads. If desired, instead of beading every right side row, a single bead can be added to each tip of the lace edging – simply add a bead only to Row 7 of the lace.

The shawl can be left unblocked and worn tucked into a neckline of a jacket. Blocked into a larger size, it can be draped around shoulders like a traditional shawl, or worn loosely much like a long scarf. Elegant and practical, casual or dressed up, Xylia will provide a touch of vibrant color throughout the year.

The Yarn

All that is needed is fingering weight, about 475 - 490 yards (434 - 448 m). 

The Beads

Susanna give two options for the beads -- well, three if you count the additional option of leaving them out altogether.  :-)

You can add beads to every right side row of the edge and add that special heft and glow to the finished piece.  Or you could simply add beads more sparingly with only one to each tip of the lace.  

The first option requires about 260 size 6/0 beads (roughly 22 grams) and the second only 65 beads (a bit less than 6 grams).  

Fun and lovely -- good for a beginner or a simple "break" project for a more advanced knitter -- now what could be better than that?