Bead Stew Customized Mix

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This web page is for beads only.  If you would like a full kit for one of our bracelets or necklaces, you can find them here.


Bead Soup and Bead Stew both started out as a combinations of everything and anything.

It initially was the result of throwing into a jar all the beads which fall off my desk as I am putting together orders, or off my work table when I am putting together kits. Bead Soup was the result of finding beads hiding in the carpet when I was talking to someone on the phone. Bead Soup were the beads I have left over after a project that I just didn't feel like sorting out.

It has since evolved and expanded into what we began calling Bead Stew.  These included larger beads, sometimes quite chunky and dramatic indeed. We have created some beautiful mixes of beads (on purpose) that highlight and enhance each other.

There are usually some size 8/0s both round and triangular, 6/0s, 5/0 triangles and rounds, megatamas, drop beads of all sizes, leaves, daggers, fire polished crystals (some large, some small) and sometimes other intriguing beads that I have found.

Many of you have gotten our Bead Stew mixes as part of one of our Jewelry kits.   And some of you have queried me on how to get more of these, perhaps to expand a size or to create something else uniquely your own. 

There are two ways you can order here.  We offer them roughly described in the drop-down menu labeled "Choices" under the photo on this page.  

Each option will give you about 35 grams of beads.


We do depend on you to describe it in more detail to us.  Feel free to communicate via the Contact Us page or via the Comments section as you check out.  

(One thing on the Comments section:  On occasion the Comments get stripped off before we get your order.  If that occurs, we will email you, no problem.)

If you want, you can tell me a general color family (via the Comments section as you check out). So if, for instance, you would like something in the mostly-blue family or the mainly-reds-and-burgundies or the like, let us know in the Comments section on the order form. 

This is the way to select a personal color mix [remember to let us know what you want!] to match a vision you might have --- we've done mixes to mirror the ocean in a storm, and a meadow in full bloom. You just need to tell us what you have in mind (that part is very important).

Or you can use that same option to get any of the mixes which we use in our Bead Stew bracelets or for any of our necklaces, including the variations of our Moonrise Neckpiece.

 If you want something like what we include in one of the bracelet kits, tell me the name, such as Moon Flowers, or Moonrise on Neptune, or the like.  

If you are looking for a duplicate of what we have in the kits for the Moonrise necklaces, you must specify if you are looking for the smaller beads or the larger fancy ones that are the focal point of the piece.  


So that is what we offer on this web page.  The beads only -- no thread, no clasp, no instructions; pure and simply a little treasure sent your way of lovely sparkling beads. 

If appropriate, the mix will come in a container holding roughly 35 grams of beads. Otherwise, it will come in a strong plastic bag.

Questions?  Special requests? I am only one email away -- contact me and let's work it out. 

Here is your chance also to get as creative as you wish -- fun!