Beaded Garden Party Scarf: Pattern + Bead Option

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Here is an opportunity to play with this most wonderful pattern and the yarn of your choice. This web page offers the pattern and, if you so choose, a bead pack as well. Read on....


This design by Ellene Warren is just my cup of tea (to make a slight pun on the visions of a Garden Party). It is absolutely gorgeous.

The scarf part is knit, with lots and lots of beads.  The quirky beaded figures at each end are crocheted. 

The beads are on every-other yarn over in the open work sections. You can't see them too well in the photograph but in person, oh my goodness gracious.

This is so lovely!

Personally I really enjoyed knitting it. The design itself builds such a delightful rhythm and the scarf as it came off my needles was so absolutely breathtakingly lovely! 

The fringe work is great fun but bear in mind that it does require some crochet skills.

You crochet charming little motifs and space them at the edge, with beads and crystals between, and leaves and other wonderful bead shapes scattered amongst it all. I must say this was the most fun I've had making anything. The last photo at the bottom of the page shows a close-up of these fringe details.


Here we are offering here Ellene Warren's pattern for the Beaded Garden Party Scarf plus the option of getting a bead packet with enough supplies for the full and glorious scarf. The bead packet consists of the size 6/0 beads, plus at least 10 small crystals, 6 large crystals, 6 leaves and a mix of other shapes and forms to embellish your fringe (Ellene's pattern calls for at least 8 assorted beads)

As you will be using your own yarn you must (please!) give us a hint of what overall colors you'd like the beads to "go" with [via the "Comments" section as you check out] or else we will send you neutrals.

With this offer of pattern and bead pack, we add the following: We happen to be especially fond of the fingering weight yarns we carry (ahem!) and if you choose enough of our fingering weight skeins for your piece [you will want at least 350 yards] (with this offer) we will match the beads to your yarn (of course) and add a Big Eye needle as our extra gift to you.

I highly recommend.