Big Eye Needle

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These are wonderful needles for bead work.

These flexible needles, with an eye almost the length of the needle, make threading a breeze.

Of course, they are perfect for getting beads pre-strung onto thread or yarn, but I have found them also useful for finishing work (when I have trouble getting the thread through the eye of a "normal" needle).

This is the 2.125" [2 1/8"] (about 5 1/2 cm) size, which I personally find easiest to manage for all uses.

Note that when you get these, they will look like one length of single wire -- the "hole" is a hard-to-see split in the middle part. You'll need to use your fingernail or the like to open it up to slide your thread in.

We are passing on a great price we found for these, at least while they last!