Clover - Soft Touch Crochet Hook - size 14/ 0.5mm

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These came as a wonderful surprise the first time we got them.

I had called out supplier in a panic -- we were out of our size 14 crochet hooks and needed more asap.

I told him I wanted the Inox but if they were not available to give me an equivalent.

Well, he outdid himself!

These are from Clover. They are in their Soft Touch Crochet Hook series -- a size 14 (in this case 0.5mm) hook and absolutely wonderful.

The handle is designed ergonomically for your hands so that it avoids strain and tiredness even after hours of crocheting -- or putting beads onto your work, in the case of where we most often use these.

These are great for adding beads to knitting and crocheting -- when one uses the method where one just adds beads as one needs them using a very thin hook -- no need to pre-thread.

This hook is The Man!

Clover has made this crochet hook tiny enough for almost any yarn and bead combination -- want to put 8/0s on lace weight yarn -- this is your hook!,p>And it is flexible and light weight --- feels great.

The material of the handle looks like stylish tortoise shell, with the hook number written large so it is very easy to read. The hook is steel, with a hook optimally shaped for smooth crocheting.

And! It comes with a cover for the hook when not in use (that's the slim metallic thing to the side in the photo). [Which is great protection for the hook and for ourselves as well -- these babies are tiny and rather sharp if unexpectedly jammed into skin.]

The price is somewhat higher than the other steel hooks we've been getting -- but hey, don't we deserve high quality tools?

I am so glad Clover expanded their line of these Soft Touch Hooks. We think you'll be pleased as well.