Drizzle on the Window: Beaded Kits

Deep Plum Passion
Deep Plum Passion
Susan's original hats (shown with her permission).
Susan's original hats (shown with her permission).
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It took four years (!) until we were able to bring in the larger 3/0 beads that are so much a part of this design.  So we are delighted to be able to offer this kit once again.


Oh this one is a real smile-maker!  I am enthralled.

A brilliant design by Susan Rainey , Drizzle on the Window is perfect for holiday knitting or just to add a glow to wintertime.


Please be sure to get your pattern directly from Susan on her Ravelry web pageWhat we have put together are kits of yarn plus beads so you can knit this beauty!


The Design

Here is what Susan writes:

This hat is inspired by the trickle of water droplets on a window. Different sized beads provide the appearance of water droplets meandering down the glass.

The main beadwork is on the front only – just like looking out a window!! Four hat sizes assure a good fit for your yarn, your head, and your gauge. The perfect lightweight hat for a January thaw or the beginning of the spring snow melt.

The back of the hat is either completely plain, or you can run the bottom zigzag motif all the way around. You can also repeat the main bead pattern so the back is beaded. The Peerie version also has a tassel attached using a beaded twist cord.

Yarn and Colorway

Basically this hat requires between 165 - 200 yards (151 - 183 m)  of fingering or sport weight yarn.  The samples were knit using a variety of quite different yarns with hand ranging from smooth to ones with a slight halo, and colorways from solid to tonal.

We are offering yarns different again.  You can see what we can offer in the inset photos on the bottoms sections of the first picture on this page and again below that.

Take a look at the beautiful hats on the Project pages!

Here are your yarn choices -- these are Juniper Moon Farm's Herriot Fine which is a 75% alpaca/ 25% nylon blend with 461 yards/ 100g.   (One skein per kit.)

Your choice between two colorways:

1. Lobelia is an almost-solid that is subtle tones of a lovely periwinkle.

2. Deep Plum Passion -- such a marvelously descriptive name! -- is gentle tonal variations of rich wine.

Note also that Susan also has a great second pattern for Drizzle on the Window Mitts.  With the Herriot Fine you would have enough yarn to knit those as well (and we are giving you plenty of beads in this kit).



Beads are such an integral part of this piece!  We will be giving you enough of the size 3/0s, 6/0s, and 8/0s so that you can put beads in all the possible places!

All our beads will be Silver Lined Crystal; the 3/0s are from Toho as are some of the 8/0s and the 6/0s though most of those will be from Miyuki.

To put drips on one side of the hat only, you would need 20 size 3/0s, 80 size 6/0s and 63 8/0s. 

We will give you double that so you can put drips all over if you wish.

To also bead a zigzag pattern above the ribbing, to go all the way around you would need up to 72 beads in size 6/0 or size 8/0.

You will have enough of these beads to do this. 

So when I say that you'll have plenty of beads to use where you wish, I really mean it!