Lady Whistledown Cowl: Kits

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The yarns that make up our kit.
The yarns that make up our kit.
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An amazing discount -- a bit over 30%!  This is just for a limited time and only while supplies last!


Lady Whistledown's Cowl is a most intriguing design by Mary Annarella of Lyrical Knits.


Get the pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page here.  What we have put together is a set of yarns that you can use to knit this beauty.


The Design

Here is what Mary Annarella writes:

Gentle Reader,
As the social season of The Ton commences, it is this writer’s deepest desire that you have something both lovely and easy to knit whilst watching the events of the coming season unfold.

Several nearly-mindless rows of stockinette will be interspersed with dipped rows for you to savor as this year’s love match comes to light.

Of course, regardless of whom the Queen bestows her blessings, the season’s Incomparable will certainly be you, Gentle Knitter, in your delightful, fashionable cowl.

Enjoy knitting a fantastic bandana-style cowl while watching Penelope’s story in the new season of Bridgerton.

The cowl is worked top-down, on the bias, beginning with just a few cast-on stitches, so if you hate counting tons of stitches, this will be a breeze!

It’s also constructed to taper at the neck to reduce bulk at the neckline, making it even easier to wear and style.

Yarn and Colorways

Our yarns are not the same as what the designer used for her original.  Indeed she writes, "The pattern is intended for a long-color-change style yarn, but you can substitute a solid color or even use up scraps if you like. The Making Tracks DK yarn is really more of a Worsted weight, so if you substitute, be sure to keep an eye on your gauge."

Our yarn can be seen in the inset photo on upper righthand corner of the top picture on this page and again below that. 

We chose one skein/ball each of:

1. Noro's Tsubame, a blend of 50% wool + 25% silk + 25% nylon, with 656 yards (600 meters)  in each 200g Dragon Ball.  (Yes, this is well more than you will need but better too much than too little, don't you think?)

The colorway is #5 Morioka and has the long color runs that Noro is known for.  Among the color spans in the yarn I see steel blue, green, pink, amber and lilac. 

2.  Noro's Kashirukuru, a solid colorway made up of 40% Silk + 30% Wool + 20% Cashmere + 10% nylon, each skein with 180 yards/ 75g. It is a delicious though bit heavier than the Tsubame.

This colorway is simply and beautifully Pearl, a lovely cream that is perfect to contrast with all of the hues of the Tsubame.