Lapis Asymetrical Top/ pattern by Jane Thornley

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Lovely lovely lovely lovely!

Another free range design from the genius that is Jane Thornley....

I quote our intrepid designer:

"Knit a box of jewels in this flattering top. Every possible yarn works here, including ribbons, wools and tapes.

"Use a hank of the multimedia yarns like Prism or Alp and add in a few stash items to create the rich textured effect.

"The asymmetrical lines slim most figures and the design could be worn as a vest for a more casual look. Try it with a turtleneck.

"Knit from side to side on size US 11 (8mm) needles, the top gradually increases along the bottom edge for the asymmetrical shaping but can easily be modified to a straight-bottomed shell. A band is picked up and knit along the bottom edge with US 13 (9mm) needles.

"Sizing is loose: Small fits chest sizes 32-34”, Medium fits 36-38” chest and Large fits 40-42” chest. To increase the size of your top further, consistently use bulkier yarns or move to a larger needle.

"Stitches are a random mix of seed, garter and stockinet."

Ooomph! I am blown away.

And, as is her wont, Jane tels you the yarns that she used plus gives you ideas for going completley on your own. In fact, overall you will want a total estimated yarndage between 175 and 200 yards. So you know those skeins that you fell in love with and put aside waiting for an idea to strike? Consider this the lightning!

The photo to the right shows two views -- if you click on it you will see the front in a bit more detail. Bear in mind that the scarf is a separate item and not part of this pattern.

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