Northern Lights Stole: Beaded Kits

Seta Suri Degrade in Blue. Three balls are shown just so you can get a good idea of the way the colors flow.  Only one ball is included in each kit.
Seta Suri Degrade in Blue. Three balls are shown just so you can get a good idea of the way the colors flow. Only one ball is included in each kit.
Anne-Lise's shawl
Anne-Lise's shawl
Wool4Willow's shawl
Wool4Willow's shawl
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Another lovely design by Anne-Lise Maigaard!

Yarns and Colorways

This lovely Northern Lights Stole calls for a "fuzzy" lace weight yarn.

The pattern requires at least 420 meters of yarn (about 459 yards) to make a stole measuring 140 x 55 cm (55" x 21.5") after blocking.

Our kits will give you enough for this size.  If you want to make a larger piece, Anne-Lise recommends getting more yarn and working more rows of the bead pattern. We advise that two kits will cover this option beautifully. 

You can see our yarns in the inset photos on the top picture and again below it. They are not the same as what the designer used in her original.


From Lana Grossa comes this gradiently dyed 69% Suri Alpaca + 31% Silk yarn called Setasuri Degrade.  There are 464 yards/ 424m per 50g ball so one ball will make up each kit.

The colorway is #101 Blue, a tonal play on true blues from very pale to a rich royal.



Beads are optional in this design. There are none specifically called for but many knitters added to theirs -- in the photos on this page, you will see one as knit by Anne-Lise and one by "wool4willow" (shown with her permission) each show beads most gloriously.

Wool4Willow used size 6/0 beads for the borders and the much smaller 11/0 beads throughout.  Anne-Lise doesn't specify what size she used but to my eye, it looks like she used size 8/0s.

Anne-Lise writes:

If you wish to add beads, I recommend marking your desired bead placement on your copy of the pattern before you begin knitting, for instance using a highlighter pen. Use your imagination, there is no such thing as too many beads!

Each of our kits will include yarn and about 20 grams of size 8/0 beads which will give you almost 800 beads.

If you decide you would prefer the larger 6/0 beads, just let me know and I will give you 20g of those instead which is about 240 beads (usually the Comments section on the checkout page gets to me fine). 

If you want some small 11/0s, contact me first as I need to see what I have that might work; we can discuss. 

If you have a preference on bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you.


The cost of the pattern is not factored into the cost of the kit.  The kit is simply yarn plus beads.

1. If you would prefer getting your pattern via Anne-Lise's Ravelry page, do so and set the drop-down menu to No Pattern Needed as you won't be getting it from us. The pattern will be saved in your Ravelry library.

2. If you would like the pattern as a pdf and also have us save the pattern for you on our website here, set the drop-down menu to PDF.

3. The third option is to have us print it out and send it to you when we send your kit.



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